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Considering that the eyebrows are the frames of the eyes, the wrong eyebrow shape will have an impact on the visible impression they create. When the eyebrows are well-groomed, they create a refined look that heightens your appearance even without makeup. Lulu can create beautiful eyebrows that will frame your eyes the way they deserve and will make your daily beauty routine much easier.


We use eyeliner to emphasize the shape of our eyes by accentuating the lash-line and bordering the eyelid. Permanent eyeliner can modify the shape of the eye and also fill in thin or sparse lashes. Lulu knows all the tricks to give your eyes a slight lift and take years off your appearance.


It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. If this is so, the lips then are definitely the language of the body. Our lips actually convey our emotions in a way that words can’t – with a frown, a smile … a kiss. When we paint our lips, we are calling attention to them. When permanent makeup pigment is selected correctly, the lips become sexier and more expressive.